The Real World

Remember the last time when you looked at the night sky and tried to adore its beauty. Remember the last time you went on a road-trip with a giant physical map, with every possibility to get lost, and enjoyed the experience. Remember the last time you had fun searching for an answer in the book rather then using the internet. Remember the last time you took a puppy in your hand and cuddled him with joy. Now, when you are thinking when did it happen last, certainly means it happened a really long time back. At least it took place before we gave ourselves to technology.

Today, our world is hijacked by technology. It has integrated itself deeply in every aspect of human life. And all this became easy because technology came with an exclusive advantage “To make our lives comfortable“. But attached with the merits was a big demerit. It was that “Technology began making us stupid”

Our reliance on calculators for solving even simple calculations, to use Google for every query without making an effort by oneself, has began making us dumb. Technology said “Use me for your comfort” and we humans decided to take an easy road, we began using it in every walks of life. Without even thinking of the consequences which would follow, we all have started falling in the trap.


A major weapon of technology these days are Smartphones. Most of us or rather all of us own this highly capable demon along with us. Our closest companion and probably the biggest cause of anxiety, fear, sadness among us, especially for the teenagers. It inhibits our thinking, reducing our power of analyzing situations, makes us restless by causing fear.

All of us send almost more than hundred messages on WhatsApp everyday, don’t we? Indeed we do and receive above two-hundred if we are a part of many groups (which we generally are). Wasting so much time on it leaves less time for introspecting oneself. We don’t think about ourselves. Have you ever stopped what you were doing and tried to look into yourself, where you are heading, what is your purpose of your life? Ever tried searching why have you been sent on the earth?

Its not that smartphones should be avoided, but the point is that we should use them judiciously. Know when and where they should be utilized. A sense of detachment from addiction should always prevail. May be reduce the needs or the dependence on them.

So in the end, probably its time to realize that the real world is bigger and better as compared to the virtual world which has come into existence just a few years ago. The virtual world is trying hard to imitate the real world. Yes, it is expanding exponentially but will one day collapse, and the bubble of the temporary happiness will burst. The real world which is above the likes on facebook or instagram, greater than the retweets on twitter, mightier than your image on any social network. Rediscovering the real world will ultimately lead to the elusive peace which most of us are deprived of.

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