Never Be A Human

We all have learned that over the last 200 years, man has civilized. He has understood his purpose in life. He is beginning to make the world a better place. He has built bridges, houses, roads, all the luxuries we use. But its just for himself. A luxury for himself, becomes a curse for everyone else.

We say Ignorance is bliss. Every creature except us is just the same as they ever were. See the dove, giraffe, dog, camel, none of them have grown intellectually. The simple reason is that we are smarter, we are gifted a powerful brain which indeed is more harmful than helpful.


Everyday a new technology is patented, every second we are purchasing something that makes our life easier. We all keep moving everyday towards that elusive happiness which we will be deprived of forever. The hunger for achieving the peace will never settle down. Everything is temporary.

The means of mass destruction break not only the human civilization but even more. It affects the animals, the birds, the trees. But we consider ourselves superior to them. How dominant we have become is unimaginable!

There was a time when our ancestors were cave-men, fighting without a purpose, being selfish, trying to fill one’s own greed. We have not civilized yet, only our methods, our deeds have civilized. We all are governed by a set of laws, something that has been a boon. A few great gentlemen decided to think about the future. They were the reason why we exist today, not helplessly roaming. But is this enough?

And to reach to this stage, so many other species have become extinct, so much pollution has grown, how trees have been cut down. One day will come when man will leave the earth barren, growing his own luxuries while endangering everyone else. May God bless us.

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