Imagine Dragons

We all know the alternate rock band “IMAGINE DRAGONS“. Or at least we all must have listened to their famous singles Radioactive, Demons, In Time. Also the famous Ready Aim Fire from Iron Man 3. With their second studio album Smokes + Mirror released this month, I wish to share my views regarding them. Today I will describe how the band has influenced me as an individual.

Every since I heard Radioactive, which fascinated me and made me think of the diversity their music brings, they opened my eyes to a very different kind of music. They are unlike the stereotype bands singing about heartbreaks and/or loneliness. The band tries to discover human values, the chaos we all find ourselves in very often.

Shots their very latest single from their newly released album, touched me deeply. A line in the song goes

“From the second that I was born,
Then since I had a loaded gun,
A hole through every single thing I loved”

Such are the lyrics that it, in someway or another, makes us feel, at some point or another, we have made serious mistakes. And yes, let me tell you I am highly choosy when it comes to music, either I like it or I disregard it forever.

Be it Demons which deals with the monster each one of us has inside, or Round and Round which makes us believe we are making the same mistakes, or It comes back to you which makes us realize that what we get everything we deserve and eventually life gives what you want, someday or another. Also a special mention to My fault, that’s my personal favourite.

If you look at the music side, the band is well renowned for the variations they exhibit in each and every song. Be it Nothing Left to say which is over 9 minutes but feels fresh always. Or Warriors which has the hard-rock touch in an exquisitely different fashion.

Hence for me Imagine Dragons proved that they were never a one album wonder with the diversity they introduced in Nightvisions and continued in Smokes + Mirror. Looking forward to listening more such enchanting music.

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