Disappointment is the feeling of dissatisfaction that follows the failure of expectations or hopes to manifest. We all are humans and at certain point in life we feel deserted and unhappy by the way events occur. Generally disappointment takes place when things don’t shape up the way we would have imagined.
          Disappointment can hamper a person’s growth. It can lead to reduction in the prediction qualities of our mind. We begin thinking how wrong something can go and even though they would have gone right; they tend to go excessively wrong and our expectations reduce. Hence disappointment leads to reduced expectations


         Something which we can learn from this is the fact that  disappointment is just a mental characteristic. We can let it not hamper us excessively. Instead it has to be taken as a learning process so that the same mistake doesn’t occur again which lead to the failure.
        Hence its something which can help us change so that we can analyse ourselves more or ruin ourselves by dissolving our minds in the cloud of failure. Choice is yours…

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