What are dreams? Dreams are something which you can’t control nor autonomous; no personal gain nor loss but these things have the capacity to make your day, or sometimes makes you sad. It can boost up your morale or you start your day mentally tired. Yes it happens, sometimes you have such bad dreams and whole day it makes you wonder, why!?

What’s causing those freaking dreams? It’s not autonomous but it’s all in mind. Your conscious mind would be so well trained to filter out the bad thoughts from the good ones; but what about your subconscious? It’s something involuntary, it’s something deep down inside you; may be you have some unresolved conflicts and you don’t want to fight it out; may be you’re an anti-emotion person or maybe you think there are far more important things than provoking emotions.

Sometimes holding grudge against someone will make you nocturnal though you don’t want to. Sometimes letting all out from your mind is the best thing, people will think of you as a gabby, but sometimes being gabby is better than being bad-mouth. Try it, let your feelings out and you’ll sleep like a baby. Dreams really are connected with your life. Think about it.


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