How does it feels when what you wish for doesn’t quite happen your way… Sometimes I wish that girl should notice me, sometimes i wish my friend should understand my views and respond the way i want. But it doesn’t happen so!!


Instead things turn out completely opposite. She never notices me and my friend never understands me. But is it their fault that they didn’t respond the way I wanted them to?
No, it’s my fault…. I expected things which didn’t happen. I was wrong. And who got hurt due to this? Me. Expectations hurt… Sometimes they can even tear you apart. During such times ask yourself “Am i worth to afflict grief on my own self?”
The answer most certainly would be no!! Hence motivate yourself to stop expecting much. We all are humans and expecting is a part of our lives but we can try not to get hurt, not to feel bad coz it didn’t turn our way. Think about yourself and come over it. Let those failed expectations make you feel better learned about what to expect next time…..